Festival Performers

Blackmoon Festival

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Blackmoon Festival Rules


-Boys under 18 are allowed only if they are with their parents.

-Dogs are not allowed, as fire and personal sooundsystems in the whole festival area.

-To be able to enter at the festival you will need to print your ticket and show it at the gate.
each ticket will contain a unique qr code that will be scanned at entrance, once scanned from our system loses its validity.

-If you notice that your wristband is damaged, you have to come to the entrance where we provide to change it.

-Anyone without a valid wristband will be immediately escorted out of the festival site!

-We want to remind you that it is a private event of Ass GOAPROJECT, you have to become member to partecipate.

-Selling any kind of food or drinks is forbidden except for allowed points.

-The tap water that you find at the festival is drinkable.

-Since we are gathering in the middle of nature, please use garbage bags that you will received at the entrance.

-During the festival, we can make a difference! Let’s take care of yourself, of your fellow trancers and the earth you’re  living on.